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Things have changed at our store since January 1, 2023. Unfortunately we no longer offer grooming services. I, Diane have decided to close this department and continue only with the front store for all your pet needs as usual. Our groomers have branched out on their own and offer grooming services at different locations. We have ;
Toilettage C’est au Poil avec Jose #613-443-1152
Toilettage Sophie Stique avec Sophie 450-807-3459
Mimi-Taz avec Helene 613-874-1235
They are all ready and willing to take over the customers that they are already accustomed to work with. You may reach out to me at any time through this facebook page, if you need guidance or if you are a groomer who has the time to pick up a few extra groomings , and would like your name added to this list. We still offer nail cutting services on Wednesdays and Saturday at the pet store. Make sure you call in advance to make sure somebody qualified is present those days

Water analysis

We offer a water testing service for your aquariums to help keep your fish friends happy and healthy.

Wing Clipping

M.M. Pet Services offers wing clippings to birds to protect them and prevent unwanted roaming.

Food Order Advice

Meet their needs at every stage of life!

Our team consists of 10 employees who stay up to date with new products to serve you better. Special orders are welcome!